The final planning


Monte and I met last night to discuss routes, stopping points and possible attractions along the way.  Attached is what we came up with.  I think the consensus is, be fluid, take in the scenery and enjoy the ride. 

Some of us will be camping while others want to hotel it.  No worries.  We can always discuss meet up points and changes as the trip progresses. 

I also realize some of you who originally wanted to go can no longer make the trip.  There is always next time. 

Are there a few who still plan to ride part way? 

We plan to meet in Starvin' Arvins parking lot at 0800 on June 11th.  If yo think we need to meet before, let me know.

Don't forget:  Passport / ID

                    Check with your insurance company for travel outside US

                    Check with your phone service provider for plan coverage.  (Verizon coverage is good but they do charge roaming fees unless you make prior arrangements.  Don't know about the others.) 

r/ Mark

The route to Alaska

Alaska Trip
Mileage and stopping points
Fruita, CO - Montpelier, ID 400 miles
Flaming Gorge
Ashley National Forest
Montpelier, ID – Lolo, MT 440 miles
Rtes 23/93
Bitterroot Range
Lehmi Range
Lolo, Mt – Cranbrook, BC 300 miles
Cross US/CA boarder at Eureka, MT
Cranbrook, BC – Jasper, AB 353 miles
Jasper / Banff National Park
Jasper, AB – Prince George, BC 233 miles
Prince George, BC – Kitwanga, BC 300 miles
Fort St James, BC
Kitwanga, BC – Watson Lake, YT 300 miles
Hyder, AK / Stewart., BC
Northern Lights Center in Watson Lake
Laird Hot Springs Provincial Park
Watson Lake, YT – Whitehorse, YT 272 miles
Whitehorse, YT - Haines, AK 244 miles
Haines Junction Bakery and Cultural Center

I think I got everybody.  Here's a recap of the highlights of what we discussed last Tuesday.

Depart Grand Junction June 11.   First stop, Montpelier, ID via Route 89.  North to Missoula, MT via US 93.  We plan to cross the boarder   At Eureka. MT / Roosville, BC.  We discussed stopping in Glacier National Park if the roads are clear.   

After the crossing, north via 93/95 in British Columbia through Banff and Jasper Park.  West on the Yellow Head Highway to Prince George for a badly needed hotel shower.  We'll pick up the Cassair Highway at Kitwanga, BC.  It'll be North all the way to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and then west/south to Haines, AK. 

Plan to average about 300 - 350 miles a day.   Some of us would like to take our time, see the sights, sniff the air.  If you have the desire to go farther, that's ok.  We can always meet up later.  A few riders are only going as far the boarder. 

Mr. Potter coined it best by saying we can take a 'Ready, Fire, Aim' approach to the daily planning.  It's the journey and not necessarly the destination, although we will get there. 

I'll work on mileage and some good camping spots this week.  In the mean time if you have any suggestions or questions, let us know. 


r/  Mark

Alaska 2016

Club member Mark Lickers has proposed and begun the planning for the club ride to Alaska.  He wrote the summary of the planning so far.

Alaska 2016 Planning the trip


Best time to go:  End of May through August
                           Early to mid-September can be beautiful but risk the chance of snow

Recommended routes:
  North through British Columbia
  Jasper Banff National Park
  East to Prince George
  North on Cassiar Highway
          Stop in Hyder, AK  
  Through Whitehorse
  Haines Junction

  South to Haines or Northwest to Interior AK (Fairbanks,Valdez and Anchorage)

  Ferry to Prince Rupert
    Prince George
    South Quesnel, Williams Lake, Frasier River Valley
    Back to Eastern Washington, Idaho

Approximate mileage between major stops:

Gnd Jct – Glacier Natl Park    942
Glacier Natl Park – Banff          311
Banff – Prince George            410
Prince George – Kitwanga      300
Kitwanga – Watson Lake         462
Watson Lake – Whitehorse      273
Whitehorse – Haines               244

Haines Jct – Tok                   291
Tok – Anchorage                 319
Anchorage – Homer             222

Documents Required  
     Insurance ID card
     Medical info

Check these before:
     Call you insurance carrier and make sure you and your vehicle are covered
     Call you credit card company about and ask about fees for currency conversion (if any)
     Likewise with your cell phone plan.

Major airports:

Alaska Marine Highway
    Fares in Southeast AK (vehicle / passenger).  

Haines – Skagway    $31/  31
Haines – Juneau    $55/  41
Haines – Prince Rupert    $234/  177  
Haines – Bellingham    $508/  388

Places to Stay / Camp / Things To Do:

Grand Teton National Park
Glacier National Park, Montana
Banff / Jasper National Park
Prince George (Hotel Break)
Stewart, BC / Hyder, AK
Watson Lake Northern Lights Research Center (Campground)
Liard Hot Springs (Provincial Park)
Whitehosre, YT(Hotel / Resupply)
Haines Junction Bakery
Haines Junction Visitor / Cultural Center
Skagway (Beer / Touristy stuff / Train Ride up through White Pass)
Haines (Camp / Rest)
Dawson City (Camp Top of the World Hgwy)
Chicken (Chicken Creek Saloon and Café)
Tok (Fast Eddy;s Restaurant)
Anchorage (Big City / Denali Natl Park)
Homer (end of the world / charter fishing / touristy stuff)
Kenia Peninsula(Seward hgwy to Seward)


Major Highways if you inclined to plan a route or explore further

Yellowhead Highway:   The major east-west highway through the four western provinces of Canada.
ALCAN (Alaska Highway):  Dawson Creek, BC – Delta Jct, AK
Taylor Hgwy:  connects Tetlin Jct, AK – Eagle, AK   gravel
Tok Cuttoff:  connects Glenallen and Tok
Richardson Hgwy:  connects Valdez and Fairbanks
Glenn Hgwy:  connects Glennallen and Wasilla
Steese Hgwy:  connects Fairbanks and Circle
Haul Road:  Fairbanks to Deadhorse
George Parks Hgwy: Anchorage to Fairbanks
Route 1:  Anchorage to Homer
Seward Hgwy:  Anchorage to Seward


Weather is usually nice during the summer and temperatures can reach 90 in the interior in July/Aug.  However, I have been caught in a snow storm in August.  Rain, count on it.  Bugs are their worst in the early summer and taper off in mid July.  Early spring is not bad either.  Bring bug dope that contains DEET.  

The further north you travel, the more limited services become and the more expensive it gets.  Likewise with medical services with major medical centers in Anchorage and Juneau and possibly in Whitehorse.  Although the larger towns and villages have clinics, the most severe cases will be stabilized and medevac’d out, most likely to Seattle.  

Don’t miss a chance to fuel up.  Carry a full tool kit and tire repair kit.  Weapons: not through Canada unless you have made prior arrangements (  AK does have CCW reciprocity with CO. Avoid bringing large quantities of cash.