The final planning


Monte and I met last night to discuss routes, stopping points and possible attractions along the way.  Attached is what we came up with.  I think the consensus is, be fluid, take in the scenery and enjoy the ride. 

Some of us will be camping while others want to hotel it.  No worries.  We can always discuss meet up points and changes as the trip progresses. 

I also realize some of you who originally wanted to go can no longer make the trip.  There is always next time. 

Are there a few who still plan to ride part way? 

We plan to meet in Starvin' Arvins parking lot at 0800 on June 11th.  If yo think we need to meet before, let me know.

Don't forget:  Passport / ID

                    Check with your insurance company for travel outside US

                    Check with your phone service provider for plan coverage.  (Verizon coverage is good but they do charge roaming fees unless you make prior arrangements.  Don't know about the others.) 

r/ Mark