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Adventure Training

“Adventure Essentials” 9AM – 3PM Saturday September 21 

Thunder Mountain Rendezvous

Class is open to female and male students.  Cost $100

To register, email
NOTE: Riders must be registered for Thunder Mountain Rendezvous.

Riders will learn essentials fundamentals of adventure riding that translate into better control, safer riding, and more fun riding off road. Riders will learn:

  • Dynamic movement on tall adventure bikes

  • Throttle and clutch control

  • Slow turns

  • Efficient and proper body position seated and standing

  • Off-road braking

  • How to shift gears standing up

  • How to pickup the motorcycle (1 person, 2 person, with hoist)

  • Hill stalls- how to turn around (if time allows)

Class will be taught at Delta County Fairgrounds.  Students are required to sign release waiver, wear protective gear (helmet & gloves at a minimum), bring lots of water, and lunch.

Instructor Pat Jacques, ADVWoman:


Pat Jacques is a ground-breaking woman in motorcycling who raced men’s motocross professionally. She has coached off road motorcycling, mountain biking, horseback riding and skiing. Retired from racing, she still enjoys spirited single-track riding and adventure touring.  Jacques’ passion is empowering women and getting families out riding motorcycles together. She developed “By Women For Women” training techniques, founded ADVWoman, training and employing women instructors in her techniques. Jacques and her ADVWoman professional coaches also lead backcountry discovery route training tours and regional Round Up training events across the country. 

Pat has been honored by the American Motorcycle Association Magazine for her work empowering women through motorcycling and most recently received the Michelin “Total Performance Award” for skilled riding, taking a stand, being an ambassador for the sport, and staying active in her community. She can be reached via email

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